Snowflakes in Haiku

The main office in one of the schools where I teach hosts a bulletin board that changes monthly.  This month’s theme is Haiku poetry themed around “The Silence of Winter.” Students were invited to submit their own poems.  In case you were wondering what Haiku is (I know I was a little unsure.  I must have learned it in middle school but it has been long forgotten), here is the simple explaination.

“A haiku is a non-rhymed verse genre, conveying an image or feeling in two parts spread over three lines, usually with a seasonal reference. There are 5 syllables in the first sentence, 7 in the second and 5 again in the last sentence.”

I was inspired by this month’s theme and the simple, yet powerful verses that a few colleagues and several students had submitted.  I was also inspired by the paper cutouts of snowflakes where the spunky little poems were mounted.  Here is my submission.  Feel free to comment with your own.

Snowflakes fluttering

Each one special and unique

To my heart, you speak.


About Funny Little Pollywogs

I live life. My passions fuel me. I am thankful each and every day for all of the love that surrounds me. My hobbies are photography, writing and I am currently building a dollhouse. I have been on the road to motherhood for 6 long years. I hope that I will have my children in my arms some day soon, thanks to the very special gift of embryo adoption.
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