Old School Easter, Part II

I can’t write about Easters past without talking about celebrating with my dad’s side of the family.  Some years we would go to Nan and Pop’s house and celebrate there, and some years we would go to my Aunt Treva and Uncle Harry’s house.  In both cases there was always an egg hunt, lots of food (my nan used to make peanut butter eggs and chocolate covered raisin clusters), Easter baskets,  and we were out in the country having fun with our cousins, Lisa and Scott.

Apparently Easter has always been a big deal.  I mean, since way before I was around.  Take for instance these awesome pictures from Easter circa 1955.  My dad was approximately a year and a half old.  My grandparents were still newlyweds.  I love my dad’s little saddle shoes, my Pop’s bow tie and my Nan’s neatly tailored dress.  My nan has always said, no matter how little money they had, they always looked nice on Easter.

My Dad, Pop and Nan

On the same day, it would appear, this one was taken.  This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.  It’s my dad as a baby picking up Easter eggs!  I just love this one!

My Dad and his Easter basket, 1955

I love these old photos.  I have them displayed on my refrigerator, as they are treasures and it would be a crime, a CRIME, I tell you, to keep them in a box.  If you have any vintage  family photos, I urge you to dig them out of boxes and display them for the world to see.  They are very special pieces of any family’s history.

To this day, my family keeps the tradition of hiding Easter eggs.  First, my Uncle Harry will set up the kiddie egg hunt.  We all help the little ones fill their baskets with plastic eggs filled with candy, change, and other treasures.  Then, the real fun begins.  He has a beautiful, spacious, wooded property with plenty of interesting places to hide Easter eggs.  In recent years, the adult egg hunt has become one of our family’s most treasured holiday traditions.  One must always be sure to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the event.  You will most certainly have to dig, climb and do some heavy lifting if you want a fighting chance to find one of the eggs.  I’m pretty sure that Uncle Harry starts hiding the eggs at least a week before Easter.  My cousins are always pretty stiff competition, as they grew up in this house.  It’s always worth the dirt and the sweat if you are one of the lucky contestants who happens to find one of the eggs.  There are different denominations of bills to be found in the eggs, and it’s certainly a thrill to uncover an egg and to pop it open to claim your prize (not that I would know this first hand, but I always give it a good, solid effort). That’s not the best part though.  The best part of the Easter egg hunt is the laughter and look of child-like joy that is on Uncle Harry’s face.  That folks, is truly priceless.

Happy Easter everyone!

My cousin Lisa and me, Easter 1979

My cousin Lisa and me, Easter 1979

Ni Hao Y'all

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3 Responses to Old School Easter, Part II

  1. Robin Gainer says:

    Awesome! U should consider copies of the PICS 4 UR brothers refrig He would LOVE them :0)

    Love MOM

  2. Stefanie says:

    LOVE the vintage Easter shots… sounds like you guys have some wonderful Easter traditions 🙂
    Thanks for playing along this week.. and Happy Easter!

  3. I love family history! Fasinating! Thanks for sharing

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