Something fun for Friday! More vintage baby stuff!

Please forgive me, as there will be no food blogging Friday this week.  I have been a little preoccupied.  I hope you’ll understand.

Just in case you’re wondering what my snowbabies are up to (I know I am!), here is an update.

Yesterday, aka:  One day post transfer: They were hatching out of their shells.  I would imaging that this process was tiring.  That’s a lot of work for a little microscopic being.

Today, aka:  Two days post transfer: They are finding a place to attach in my uterine lining.  We are wishing them well today.  We know they can do it!  Go babies, GO!

I have been up to SO MUCH in the past 48 hours!  I really had to think about what to share with you first.  I won’t share it all at once because your head might explode.  Plus, then you wouldn’t have anything to look forward to, and, what would become of your life?

So, I picked something REALLY FUN.  I can’t wait for you to see it!!!  (Picture me clapping my hands and jumping up and down in anticipation).  Do you have the visual yet?

Sorry about that.

My mom came over the night before my transfer.  She was administering my evening shot and I invited her to stay for dinner.  She arrived bearing this old, slightly weathered little box.

Do you want to know what was inside?  Okay, okay!  I’ll show you.

First, there was this.

It’s a vintage travel sized bottle of baby oil in a glass bottle!  Are you excited for what was next?!?

It’s a glass jar filled with SMELL GOOD!!! (“Smell Good” is what I used to call baby lotion when I was little.  Everyone used to make such a big deal out of how good I smelled after a bath, I figured this was the source of all of the fuss.  I used to say, “Mom, don’t forget my smell good!” and I would stand still and hold my arms out so she would lather me up.)  Every girl should have a stash of smell good, no matter what the potion.

Then, there was this.  I just about dropped dead on the spot when I saw it.

It’s a TIN of baby powder!!! As we all know, baby powder is the finishing touch for creating that magical baby smell.  It’s in a TIN, people, A TIN!!!  It’s  left over from the good ole days, back before baby powder caused asthma amongst other serious respiratory illnesses.  It was innocent.

And, to round out the cast of characters, we have this.

These babies are still tried and true.  A medicine cabinet staple, if you will, in most american households.  The nostalgic packaging makes me smile.  I love it.  It’s sealed with all of the original “cotton buds” in tact.  COTTON BUDS!!!

My mom’s mother received this little care package in the hospital in 1955, when my mom was born.  Now it’s in my hot little hands!  Lucky me!  These are going to look FAB in my nursery!  I can hardly wait!!!


About Funny Little Pollywogs

I live life. My passions fuel me. I am thankful each and every day for all of the love that surrounds me. My hobbies are photography, writing and I am currently building a dollhouse. I have been on the road to motherhood for 6 long years. I hope that I will have my children in my arms some day soon, thanks to the very special gift of embryo adoption.
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3 Responses to Something fun for Friday! More vintage baby stuff!

  1. Jen McLaughlin says:

    I love it!!!!

  2. Robin Gainer says:

    Damn Baby Girl did U have to announce my birth year…I’m going backwards U know:)

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