Baby Glue and a Heartwarming Video

Baby Glue??? Yup.  Baby Glue.  That’s what we’re calling the progesterone injections from now on.  ”It’s 6:00 am, time for my baby glue!”  It just feels right when you think of it in those terms.  Roll with me on this one.

"Bonds Strong For All Your Needs. Safe, Non-Toxic" Works for me!

Six Days post transfer:  The placenta cells are beginning to release HCG, the pregnancy hormone that can be detected on a pregnancy test.  It’s not soon enough to test though!  The hormones need more to build up so that they can be detected!

Being six days post transfer means I am right smack dab in the middle of what’s known as the two week wait. If you have not struggled with becoming a mother, then you would not know that the two week wait is when you are waiting to find out if you’ve become pregnant during a cycle.  For most women, it’s the two weeks between ovulation and when they expect Aunt Flo to arrive.  For others, well, you know the deal.

The two week wait is TORTURE.  I am not gonna lie.  I could tell you that it’s all about positive vibes and walking on sunshine, but I would be lying.  I thought I knew all about the two week wait.  Again, I was mistaken.  Those other two week waits were nothing compared to this one.  I was an amateur, friends.  This one is different, and we all know why.

Rather than obsess about possible pregnancy signs and symptoms (which is really not all that productive and more anxiety inducing than anything else), I want to share this video with you.  It warms my heart to see other families who have had success with embryo adoption.    If you are interested, there are some other videos on my agency’s site.  You can find the link in my sidebar to the right.  Out of the videos I’ve seen, this one stands out. I like the photography and I like how it’s powerful, but short and sweet.   It really brings a smile to my face.  I love when the little girl whispers, “A miracle.”  This journey that we are on is truly an amazing one.  It really is a miracle.


About Funny Little Pollywogs

I live life. My passions fuel me. I am thankful each and every day for all of the love that surrounds me. My hobbies are photography, writing and I am currently building a dollhouse. I have been on the road to motherhood for 6 long years. I hope that I will have my children in my arms some day soon, thanks to the very special gift of embryo adoption.
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3 Responses to Baby Glue and a Heartwarming Video

  1. Sarah says:

    Good luck with the two week wait Lacie! There are no words that help, I can see it is pretty much endurance. That video was fantastic, very artistic photos! Keep up the good baby making hormone work lol!

  2. Heidi Ahnert says:

    Powerful stuff … thanks for sharing.

  3. Misty Dawn says:

    I read your comment on PW’s new photography assignment about wanting to enter photos, but they were already entered in her group.
    In Flickr, pull up the photo, on the right side will be all the groups that photo is in. Click the “x” on Pioneer Woman Assignments to remove it from the group.
    Then you will be able to enter it again for this assignment.
    Hope I helped 🙂 If you have trouble, just give me a shout.

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