Food Blogging Friday

What is Food Blogging Friday?  I am glad you asked!

My husband and I are Foodies.

According to Lacie’s Profoundly Abridged Web DictionaryA foodie is someone with a passion for food.  Foodies love to make and enjoy good food and strive to make every meal exceptional.  Foodies are food snobs.  They generally find chain restaurants to be more unsatisfactory than they do satisfying.  They truly appreciate, from the depths of their souls, a great dining experience.  This is not to say that they only dine in fine restaurants.  Foodies appreciate good food whether it is being served up at a mom and pop stand at market, in a place with fancy linens, or at a friend or family member’s kitchen or picnic table.  If the food is delicious and care has been taken in the choice of ingredients and preparation, then it’s good food.  Period.

We don’t claim to be Michelin Guide star-earning chefs.  In fact, we have no culinary training whatsoever.  Cooking is simply one of the many things that make us who we are.  We like to prepare and enjoy good food.  If we can do it, so can you.  We like to make our tried and true recipes as much as we are open to trying out new and exciting recipes.  Some of us are more open to change than others.  Sorry, what was I talking about?

This is my husband making me double chocolate crème brulée. Did I mention that I love him?

Now that you know this about us, you can understand why I am inspired to start food blogging.  It makes sense.  It feels like the right thing to do.

I would love for you to jump in and share on Food Blogging Friday.  If you have a blog, you are invited to create your own Food Blogging Friday post.  Posts can be about a good recipe you have in your bag of tricks, or a good food experience that you’ve had, or perhaps you have a great food tip or trick that works wells for you.  Be creative!  If you create a Foodie Friday post, please link to my Foodie Friday post, so that we can share the love.  Then comment on my post letting me know that you’ve linked so that I can link your post on my post.  Got it?  If there is enough interest, I will look into a linky tool.

If you are not a blogger, simply comment on the Foodie Friday post with your thoughts.  Tell me if you are inspired to try one of my recipes or comment with a recipe of your own.

It’s time to get cookin’!

This is me teaching my nephew, Gavin, how to make sage and browned butter sauce to go with my pumpkin canelloni. What good are kids if you can't put them to work?

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